Feeling Good

Soothe your symptons

OK. So you're probably thinking, 'Feel good? On my period? You must be joking!' Point taken. But you can soothe your symptoms with some feel-good treats. Here's how...


Banish the bloat

Busting at the seams?

It may sound strange but one way to reduce the bloating, weight gain and fluid retention associated with your period is actually to drink more. Water, that is!

Often women with PMS avoid drinking an abundance of water because water retention is such a common complaint. But drinking lots of the wet stuff helps to flush the body out and actually reduces premenstrual bloating!

Six to eight glasses of water daily should do the trick, leaving you able to squeeze into those teeny weeny hipster jeans once again.

Well a girl can dream can't she?

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Containing iron to help improve tiredness and irritability and packed full of magnesium which reduces the symptoms of PMS - chocolate is about to become your best friend!

What's more, its consumption triggers the release of endorphins - the body's natural opiates - which reduce the chocolate-eater's sensitivity to pain and contributes to a warm inner glow.

With a fluffy dressing gown and a good book to accompany it, there's no better comfort.

So there you have it, a cast iron excuse to eat as much chocolate as you like!

Hey, you can't argue with science!

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Pamper party

Everyone knows, if you feel good on the outside, you stand more chance of feeling better on the inside, or so the theory goes.

So if your period has left you feeling down in the dumps, why not unwind and relax with your very own Pamper Party.

Invite a few of your favourite friends over, set the scene with fragrant aromatherapy oils - then slap on a face pack and unwind.


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Yoga postures provide immediate relief from the discomfort of PMS and are particularly helpful in relieving anxiety and calming your mood.

Here is one you can try at home.

The child's pose is a simple, foetal posture that relaxes the body completely. Remember to close the eyes and keep your focus inward. Let go of mental clutter and breathe smoothly and evenly through your nose.

Kneel with your buttocks resting on your heels. Bend at the hips and let your torso relax on your thighs and your forehead rest on the floor. Relax your arms and hands on the floor beside you with the palms up and the fingers pointing toward your feet.

The gentle inversion of head, neck, and torso relaxes the back muscles and eases lower back pain, a common pre-menstrual complaint.

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Not only will it make you feel perfectly pampered, but massage has also proven to have strong effects on relieving the tension, pain and hormone imbalance associated with PMS.

Here are some tried and tested techniques to relieve those pesky cramps:

The tummy rub
Massage your belly in a clockwise motion, eventually moving in smaller circles that are concentrated about an inch above your pubic bone. Massaging this area helps the blood circulate and will relieve cramping.

The lower back massage
Lie on your stomach, placing a warm towel beneath you: The heat and massage together will help to relieve any pain. Now find a willing participant to work their way down from your waist to the base of your back gently pushing their thumbs into every nook and cranny along the way. Bliss!

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Please note that the contents of this section are for informational purposes only and are not intended as medical advice or as a substitute to your doctor's advice. For medical care and advice, you should consult your doctor on a regular basis. If you have any problem which concerns you, consult your doctor immediately.