Kotex® Influencer-Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong

“What you want, wants you” – Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong


Women's month is an opportunity to reflect on women's struggles and achievements as well as to celebrate their role in South African society, from history to the present date. Kotex® believes that highlighting the achievements of women should be a continuous celebration.

#PeriodOrNotSheCan is a campaign aimed at reminding women of their own strength regardless of the stigma society places around periods. Kotex® launched the campaign incorporating the ’She Symbol’ in their logo which serves as a representation of women everywhere, including Mapaseka Koetle- Nyokong.

Popularly known as "Dintle" on Scandal, Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong is more than what you see on your screens. Behind the scenes, Mapaseka is a businesswoman, blogger and runs Girls Sanitary Drive, distributing sanitary pads to girls in need.

"My journey to where I am right now was a struggle which I had to overcome. I wanted so many things in my life and I knew that acting was one of the things I loved doing, my plan A, my ultimate want", says Mapaseka.

"For me, #PeriodOrNotSheCan is more than just a campaign, it highlighs the journey that women are taking on an everyday basis to better themselves, a journey that reminds women that they too can, despite the odds. It’s a journey I believe in,” adds Mapaseka.


Women are consistently stigmatised and deemed as incapable beings when they’re on their periods. Constantly reminding yourself “you can” is imperative.

Mapaseka believes that you can be whatever you want to be as a woman, "you can have your own business, you can dream, you can say no…you can do whatever you put your mind to", she says.

Follow Kotex®’s motivational journey with Mapaseka on the Kotex® Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/KotexSouthAfrica/). You can also follow Mapaseka on Instagram @Pasi_koetle (https://www.instagram.com/pasi_koetle/?hl=en), get more information on the campaign and stand a chance to win one of these sought-after inspirational t-shirts.


Women should remember not to let anything stand in their way because Period Or Not, She Can.

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