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“Believe in yourself because that’s half the battle won”– Nolo Seabi


As you grow up you and navigate through life- from high school to university and ultimately your first job- you start to realise the relevance of the dreams you once had. The dreams that have now moulded you into the young, powerful and determined women that you are. The journey might have not been easy, but Kotex® is here to remind you that you can – period or not.

Kotex® recently launched their new campaign #PeriodOrNotSheCan, partnering with actress and TV presenter Nolo Seabi as an ambassador.

Nolo is known as a TV presenter on Selimathunzi and the character she plays on popular soapie Isithembiso, but Nolo’s journey to becoming a household name was not an easy one. “I’ve always known that I wanted to be on TV, when I was younger it was more about entertaining people than anything else, but once I started maturing it grew into a passion I just couldn’t ignore,” says Nolo.

Nolo started auditioning for parts when she was in grade 6 and only landed her first gig in her second year studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance.

“It took me 8 years to get my big break and another 5 months to land the role of Palesa on Isithembiso. Too often you hear people say that it is difficult to get into showbiz and it honestly is. The difficulty comes from having to go for an audition, give it your all, be told that you did great but end up not getting the part. You start to question yourself because everything went so well,” she says.

So how did Nolo persevere?

“I don’t have plan B, there is no other way”. It’s either you push or fail, and I do not want to fail. Instead of resisting the answer “No” I kept receiving from casting agencies I accepted it because I believe that once you resist something, it gets really tough to accept it.”

The Kotex® #PeriodOrNotSheCan campaign encourages women to carry on, to stay determined and not let the stigma around periods affect their ultimate goals. “This campaign is just so dear to me. I believe in the brand and what it stands for. I love the fact that the campaign addresses the stigma around girls and periods,” she adds

“I started my period in grade 4, it was a very scary experience and a lot of thoughts ran through my mind. So being able to educate people about periods and debunking the myth that people carry about them is the reason why I chose to be a part of this campaign. Yes, I have mood swings, yes, I PMS so what? It doesn’t control who and what I am capable of doing- I’m great and I Can,”.

Nolo is a force to be reckoned with. She pushed through, gave it her all and learned the ropes of getting into the industry – “it was not easy”.

“Your period is a natural part of being a woman. While it may impact how you feel, it doesn’t change who you are, and it need not get in your way. And Kotex® believes neither should your products. We are inspired by Nolo, she is young and still has plenty more to give to the industry,” says Nthabiseng Motsoeneng, Marketing Manager of Feminine Care category at Kimberly Clark.

Follow Kotex®’s motivational journey with Nolo on the Kotex® Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/KotexSouthAfrica/). You can also follow Nolo Seabi on Instagram @nolo_seabi (https://www.instagram.com/nolo_seabi/?hl=en ), get more information on the campaign and stand a chance to win one of these sought-after inspirational t-shirts.


Women should remember not to let anything stand in their way because Period Or Not, She Can.

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