NEW Kotex® Period Underwear

A NEW Kotex® innovation that feels like regular underwear but has the protection power of a night pad? Love that for you.

Introducing Kotex® Period Underwear, the super absorbent and extra comfy solution that lets your confidence flow with up to 0% leaks*. Got a few questions? Keep reading for all the deets on how you can re-wash, re-use and re-own the day, like you do every day.

First things first, what is Kotex® Period Underwear?
Kotex® Period Underwear looks and feels like regular cotton underwear, but it has an extra absorbent layer that can soak up your period flow for leak-free livin’ that can be enjoyed again and again thanks to its re-wash and re-use feature.

Also, you can still shine in all your fave fits thanks to how seamless Kotex® Period Underwear is. Enjoy all the bold, minus the bulk.

How does Kotex® Period Underwear work?
This NEW form of Kotex® period protection mirrors regular underwear, with its main body made up of cotton fabric and elastane for the ultimate comfort and flexibility to lock in a better fit.

Think Kotex® Period Underwear is like the rest? Plot twist, this unique innovation has been specially developed to incorporate everything you love from your fave pair of undies like those soft and extra comfy feels along with the ultimate protection of a Kotex® night pad.

Let’s break it down… it has added an extra absorbent layer of material in the crotch area for the best leak security. Other layers include:

  • A 95% cotton and 5% elastane main body.
  • A top layer of 100% polyester that quickly funnels your flow down to the next layer.
  • A second layer with a super absorbent core designed to tackle leaks.
  • A third layer of breathable fabric that locks in your flow so you can say goodbye to period stains and hello to rocking your confidence.

How long can I wear Kotex® Period Underwear for?
It is best to go with your flow on this one because every day of your period could be different from the next. Generally, you can enjoy the protection power of Kotex® Period Underwear until it starts to feel wet at the seams, then you will know you are up for a change.

How do I clean Kotex® Period Underwear?
When it is time to re-wash and re-use your Kotex® Period Underwear, it is easy peasy “underwear” squeezy. Simply hand wash at room temperature or cold machine wash without fabric softener or bleach, then squeeze the excess water out and leave it to hang dry.

Lowkey worried about your other clothes getting stained in the machine? Great news, it is totally okay to mix Kotex® Period Underwear with the rest of your laundry because washing machines dilute the blood almost immediately, protecting all your fave fits if you wash cold.

What sizes does Kotex® Period Underwear come in?
This NEW form of Kotex® period protection is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. See more size deets in the table below:







84 - 89cm

90 - 97cm

98 - 104cm

105 - 111cm


When and where can I use Kotex® Period Underwear?
Who said flow-getters can’t be go-getters? Not us. We know you’ve got ceilings to break and moves to make, so we made sure that Kotex® Period Underwear is the perfect plus one for your everyday confidence - wherever you are.

Experience the ultimate leak protection and comfort whether you are:

  • At a sports match or practice.
  • On a road trip or a plane ride.
  • In a deep sleep or a cosy nap.
  • At a workout session.
  • Facing a long work shift or class.

How does Kotex® Period Underwear fit into the bigger picture?
Kotex® Period Underwear just hits different when it comes to the environment. Its extra absorbent layer, leak protection power, along with its re-wash and re-use feature means it’s a sustainable solution that reduces overall waste and environmental harm.

That’s right, Kotex® Period Underwear doesn’t only change your world, it changes THE world because it can last for up to 50 washes. So, you can help to save our planet and some cash since you won’t have to restock on pads and tampons whenever your period comes around. Whoop whoop.

What will Kotex® Period Underwear do for my confidence?
This NEW form of Kotex® period protection is so absorbent and gives you such comfy feels that you won’t miss out on all your fave activities and experiences that make you… you. Period stereotypes, like women can’t be active during their time, don’t stand a chance when you’ve got Kotex® Period Underwear on.

So, you can still be the main character in your life - period or not.
It’s easy to re-wash and re-use, is environmentally sustainable, super absorbent and extra comfy? Kotex® Period Underwear has officially passed the vibe check.
Find out for yourself today.


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