The Menstrual Cycle

The 3 phases of a Menstrual Cycle

On average, a menstrual cycle lasts around 28 to 30 days, but because we are all different, a cycle can be anywhere from 21 to 35 days. The only sure way for menstruation tracking is to mark it on a calendar or by using an online period calculator. This helps young girls work out how long their menstrual cycle is, which will help predict when the next period is.


Days 1-7
It’s a good idea to recommend that a young girl wear a pantyliner if they are expecting their period. The first day is considered the start of the menstrual cycle. The bleeding may not be too heavy – it usually starts with a pretty light flow, so Kotex® Normal tampons or Ultra Thin pads will have them covered. They will probably find that around day 2-3 their period will be at its heaviest. Kotex® Normal or Super Ultra Thin Pads, or Normal or Super Tampons are the best bet for this stage of menstruation. If they are going to use tampons, it is a good idea to remind them to keep liners in their bag or purse. This is the best way for them to avoid any embarrassing leaks. And to keep their PJs fresh while they sleep, Kotex® All Nighter pads comes highly recommended. They are just that little bit longer and wider for extra protection when they are lying down. Once their period is done, they can continue using Kotex® Pantyliners for any last-day period discharges.


Days 8-14

One of the ovaries releases an egg and the uterus starts to rebuild its lining. Kotex® Pantyliners are perfect for keeping your child’s underwear feeling fresh and clean during this time of the month. And the best thing is, no one will ever know they are wearing them! Read more about the Female Reproductive System and how it works, so that you can have conversations about it.


Days 15-28

If the egg is not fertilised, the uterus wall will continue to thicken until the hormone levels suddenly drop. Your child will not know that it is happening, but this will cause the lining to break down and they will get their period again. This time of the month, especially towards day 28, they could be caught by surprise. To make sure they are covered and well prepared for this part of menstruation, you can recommend that they wear Kotex® Pantyliners during the day, and keep a pack of Kotex® Normal Ultra Thin pads on hand.


The Period Flow

Period flow can be light or heavy, pinkish, red with blotches or a brown mucus. This varies from day to day as their period progresses through the average 3 - 7 days. It may seem like a lot of blood, but overall they will only lose between 2 to 6 tablespoons of blood each period! Not much huh?

Periods take some getting used to - especially when they interfere with a young girl’s social life, interrupt a holiday or 'spoil' a music concert! For all women, it takes a bit of getting used to (even if they look as though they are taking it in their stride – as a mother or female guardian, you may know this all too well). A young girl’s periods will also change as their life changes - but, they will get used to having them just as you may have and with your support.


Periods and Pain

You may have experienced period pains yourself as a mother or female guardian, or have heard the experiences of period pains from other women around you. Period pains are also known as Menstrual Cramps or Dysmenorrhea. Some females don't get it (lucky them!) while others get it really badly. The good news is that there are many ways of dealing with period pains - ways that work, that you may have tried yourself or have heard about from friends and family members. Period pain usually only lasts until a woman has her first baby. Serious, severe, ongoing period pain that stops a young girl from enjoying daily life should be investigated.


The advice provided in this material is general in nature and is not intended as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care professional.



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