Mood Swings

Understanding Mood Swings and How to deal with it

A woman's hormones are like the coil-springs of a mattress - they go up and down depending on where the pressure is coming from.  While guys only have to deal with testosterone; women have to balance at least 8 different hormones 24/7 and these adjust fertility and influence moods - especially during their period. Pretty intense, right?



Periods are triggered when hormones are depleted! This means that just before a period, hormone levels are at their lowest and this can affect a young girl’s mood drastically.

The buzz of activity that happens just two weeks before ovulation (when their mood was tops) is over and there is no progesterone being produced. In other words, the baby-making organs can be compared to an abandoned playground.


These hormone lows can trigger PMS (pre-menstrual stress) with symptoms like:

  • Feeling bloated
  • Headaches
  • Running tummy
  • Painful breasts
  • Depression



We all know mood swings are tough to deal with as a young girl, and quite tough to understand as a parent or guardian. Here are a few things you can do to help make them more manageable for young girls:

  • Understand that moodiness and periods often go hand-in-hand. It happens! Help them keep a record of their cycles, so that both of you will know when to expect their next period.
  • Encourage them to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. This improves blood circulation and gets their endorphins pumping.
  • Help them list what they eat for a few days to try improve their diet.
  • Help them understand their body and do what's good for it.
  • They can also reduce stress levels with music, reading and exercise, like yoga, walking or swimming.
  • Encourage them to share their feelings with their girlfriends - strength and confidence comes in numbers.


* The advice provided in this material is general in nature and is not intended as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care professional.



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