Period Underwear According to Your Cycle

Period Underwear According to Your Cycle

The question “What underwear should I wear on my period?” is more common than you might think. Every woman should know how to choose the perfect period panties. Knowing which underwear is best suited for some panty liners, pads (in their various presentations) and tampons can save you from uncomfortable moments. This will help you live each phase of your menstrual cycle naturally, comfortably and safely.



Panties are the best period underwear. If you use Kotex Normal or All Nighter pads with this type of underwear, then you will not have accidents that generate undesirable stains. With pantyhose, you can wear Kotex tampons, which will have you feeling both comfortable and sexy.



Although there are sanitary pads that adapt to this type of underwear, we don’t recommend this during the menstruation phase. Thongs are a favourite among many women and can be used during the other phases of your menstrual cycle. To protect yourself from the flow and take care of natural odours, you can use Kotex pantyliners designed to easily adapt to the thong.

With a thong you can also use tampons. However, we recommend avoiding it during the first days of your menstrual phase and rather opt for the best period underwear - panties. At that time, your flow may be more abundant.



In addition to being sexy, this type of underwear is very comfortable to wear with tight shorts and pants. This tiny garment can be perfect to wear in all phases of your cycle, except during your period. With this type of thong, you can use adjustable pantyliners. Even when your menstrual phase is ending, you can use it with Kotex tampons.



Bikinis are usually very comfortable, recommended for any phase of your menstrual cycle. Since it has enough fabric to cover your bum, you can use them while wearing your Kotex pads, pantyliners and tamponsThe bikini is not only sexy, but it’s also very functional and you can wear it with sports or wide pants. When going for a swim specifically, we recommend using a tampon instead.


Boy short or Female Boxer

This underwear has the advantage of being comfortable. It can be used in all phases, without any problem. This type of underwear also offers you security. Any of the Kotex products that we’ve mentioned will go well with this type of garment.


High to the Waist:

Although this type underwear was used a few decades ago, it’s setting a trend again in this day and age. This underwear molds to your body; and in addition to creating a slim figure, it’s also the helpful type of underwear for your menstruation days. As they are tight, they will keep the pad in place. Like the other pieces that have a lot of fabric, it’s recommended for any of the menstrual phases.

If you wear suitable underwear with the correct Kotex product, comfort and protection will be on your side in every phase of your menstrual cycle. Always remember that the best period underwear is the one that feels best for you! 


The advice provided in this material is general in nature and is not intended as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care professional.



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