Kotex® Daily Protect Normal Scented Liners 20s

  • Provides everyday comfort, freshness, and protection from vaginal discharge for up to 8 hours
  • Scented with a light fragrance to protect against odours and keep you feeling fresh
  • Their breathable design ensures maximum comfort and freshness
  • SA's No.1 Pantyliner

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Kotex Liner Normal Unscented 100s
Kotex® Daily Protect Normal Unscented Liners 100s
Experience daily comfort, freshness, and protection with Kotex® Daily Protect Normal Unscented Liners. Offering up to 8 hours of coverage from vaginal discharge, their breathable design ensures comfort and freshness. Suitable for all skin types, they're fragrance-free. Enjoy better value with our larger pack size.
Kotex Normal Maxi Protect Pads pack
Kotex® Maxi Protect Normal Pads 10s
Providing comfortable protection for a light to medium flow, these pads feature a soft top cover for better absorption and flexible back channels for up to 0% leaks. This thicker pad also includes an absorbent centre and protective barriers for up to 100% comfort.