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Being a young female in the 21st century is not as easy as it looks in magazines or on television, there’s usually relentless pressure to either fit in or get out. Kotex is proud to present the Girlology workshop – the ultimate survival guide for modern young women.

Confidence is about more than just feeling beautiful and showing it off on the outside with a convincing smile or fashionable look. It’s about valuing yourself, feeling comfortable being who you are in your own skin and so much more. The interactive Girlology workshop is focused on boosting self-esteem, self-belief, self-respect and tackling issues that prevent young women from living their best lives.

Girlology’s goal is to educate young women about real matters that are often dreaded and pushes the invisible boundary that drives a wedge between feeling self-confident and knowledge about real-life issues. Girlology is continuing to empower, motivate and encourage young women about life and in doing so, aims to boost their self-confidence.

As a young woman, you should be in charge of your own life, body and choices. Through making the right choices, you can break away from confined thoughts and beliefs which no longer serve you and instead have the confidence to live your life to the fullest!

The exclusive Girlology workshops offer young women an opportunity to hear, talk about, and share their ideas and experiences with their peers. This environment creates a haven which in turn serves to harness the best qualities of these young women by nurturing (the) innermost fears that command against a strong belief in the self.

The difference between knowing who you are and knowing who you want to be, are the thoughts that drive and simultaneously prohibits your ability to be a more distinguished version of yourself. Girlology will be there to kick frightening issues to the curb, and by extension open up a completely new world where being a modern young woman is the greatest feeling ever!

Girlology can help broaden one’s mind, change (the) perspective of every day happenings, and not to mention, connect with other young women who may be grappling with similar issues. Not only will this alter thought processes, but the workshop will inevitably shift things into perspective so that young females are better equipped to handle any situation that may come their way.

Geeu, an attendee from one of the Durban workshops said: “Girlology helps develop self-esteem for young females, who historically, have found it difficult to find their place in today’s fast moving society. It has helped me to start believing in myself. I had many questions about things that I, as a woman go through, and they were all answered at the workshop. I left feeling inspired, positive and proud to be a woman.”

“I attended the Girlology workshop at a time in my life that I was not happy and was quite depressed. The workshop encouraged me to love myself unconditionally and to remind myself every day that I am fabulous,” said 24 year old Sanelisiwe.


“Learnt to value myself and the importance of supporting each other.”


“Have confidence in yourself . . . Kotex rocks”