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“Your Journey is valid”– Olwethu Leshabane


Apart from their traditional roles as mothers, wives and caregivers, statistics show that women are making great progress in business, politics, academic and economic careers with more and more women reaching top positions. Kotex® believes in motivating and empowering women to keep working hard and maintain the goal of women becoming their best self.

Proud mom, wife and founder of the Red Wings Project Olwethu Leshabane recently joined the Kotex® team as they embark on their new campaign #PeriodOrNotSheCan.

Known as the Female Sanitation Advocate, Olwethu Leshabane has created numerous projects and initiatives to help empower women. Through her NGO, Red Wings Project, Olwethu has carried out many activities, including distributing sanitary pads to underprivileged women and girls, advocating for female sanitation education for young girls, building and refurbishing toilets in underprivileged communities.

But what drives women like Olwethu to carry on and not let the day to day struggles get in her way?

“I let what I do shine, first by being intentional about who I am, and by remaining as authentic as possible. I believe one needs to be as intentional as possible in order to start and complete their journey of who they want to become.”

Olwethu says she is driven by women who are inspired by what she does, women who are facing difficult times alone and who she says she can relates with.

Kotex® recently launched their new campaign #PeriodOrNotSheCan, a campaign which embraces the power of women and encourages them to believe they can do anything, achieve anything, and let nothing stand in their way –even when it’s that time of the month.

When Kotex® approached me to be one of the ambassadors for the #PeriodOrNotSheCan Campaign, it was a no brainer says Olwethu. “I want to be part of changing lives, helping young girls and women understand the impact they have in their own lives,. Anything that symbolises our femininity I am for it.”


It’s important to have a support system but it is also equally important to be your own cheerleader.

“I want to be the voice that reminds young girls and women that She Can. I believe that we will get to a point where women’s values are appreciated and are the leading factor in our spaces, and that femininity will be embraced. I also believe that women will know they don’t need validation from what’s being said, or their circumstances” says Olwethu.

This is why Olwethu and Kotex® have found it important to also remind women and girls that “She Can”.

“Kotex® is very proud to announce their partnership with Olwethu Leshabane on this new journey of helping women realise that they shouldn’t hold back, period or not” says Nthabiseng Motsoeneng, Marketing Manager of Feminine Care category at Kimberly Clark.

Follow Kotex®’s motivational journey with Olwethu on the Kotex® Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/KotexSouthAfrica/). You can also follow Olwethu on Instagram olwe2lesh (https://www.instagram.com/olwe2lesh/?hl=en), to get more information on the campaign and stand a chance to win one of these sought-after inspirational t-shirts.


Women should remember not to let anything stand in their way, because Period Or Not, She Can.

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